Drive Fit Solutions are in the business of reducing fatigue levels for all drivers. We provide comprehensive education through consultation and training, for drivers, employers and governments as well as the general public. Results are improved health, safety, longevity and saving lives.

Our training provides the basis for much better driver retention, productivity and professionalism.

Our aim is to provide the very best quality, experienced backed information and training across our areas of expertise, primarily covering driver fatigue reduction strategies.

We present seminars and workshops of various sizes which can be customised to the client's requirements including being held in the workplace or your local venue. Topics covered include the signs, symptoms, causes and solutions to driver fatigue covering short, medium and long term time frames. We also point you in the right direction for driver health related matters i.e. Diabetes or Sleep Apnoea, starting right here on our links page.

All experience levels and applications are covered from learners to experienced road transport professionals and miners.

Some of the other services we offer include the mentoring of individual drivers. We do on the job driver training, assessments and MC licensing, specialising in livestock. We also conduct training for schedulers and compliance staff in all aspects of driver fatigue particularly identification skills through to NHVAS compliance.

At Drive Fit Solutions, we create and continually improve our knowledge base by engaging with health professionals, Government representatives, other workplace health and safety specialists, seasoned professional drivers, trainers, professionally run transport companies and their customers, who have extensive on the job experience in their area of specialty. All our people still drive in a professional capacity on a regular basis to keep their knowledge base current and improving,(we deal with the same issues as you do, regularly), this makes us unique and the reason we are the #1 driver fatigue educators.

Enjoy our site. We have the Australian States and Territories fatigue legislation for professional drivers as well as other industry or driver health related sites. If you have any applicable photos or articles or would like more information about our seminars or other training. Contact Us

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